The Eye Society

2072 Aria (3) It is early June. Only twelve days of spring remain before summer will start. Aria loves to watch the change of season. It’s one of her favourite e-experiences. Her heart races each time she watches the leaves fall in autumn, or the sun rise in an early summer morning, not to mention … Continue reading The Eye Society

The Eye Society

2072 Aria (1) Aria’s parents are standing by the door, waiting for her daughter to disappear into the tunnel, while silent tears cross their cheeks. It’s rare to see them awake, reacting to real feelings, instead of being lost in that virtual world they love so much. That image breaks Aria’s heart. She loves her … Continue reading The Eye Society


The Eye Society Gloria liked gossiping with the girls – that was why her visits always took so long. Even though she wasn’t sure that the love story between Michael and Diana was true, she joined that conversation as if it was the only thing she cared about. Gloria, clearly, suspected it was all a … Continue reading Gloria


The Eye Society Reading Ali’s name on the accident report had brought so many memories back to him. Ali Dawn, it could have been a namesake, but Brian somehow knew it wasn’t. That was why he decided to walk the airdriver to the aircar. Of course, One would have been fitter for the purpose, any … Continue reading Brian