The Eye Society

2072 Aria (2) Unlike the post-room door – which is always closed but unlocked – the door that leads to the parking-room can only be opened after authorisation. Aria checks if her helmet is properly zipped to her Anti-Pollution Suit before directing her face toward the Eye+ reader on the wall. No one else’s Eye+ … Continue reading The Eye Society

The Diary Of An Aspiring Author

4. The Big Day I did it. I run the half marathon and it felt amazing. If someone had told me last year that I’d do something like that, I would have not believed them. I was too scared back then. And I wish I could say I was only scared of running such a … Continue reading The Diary Of An Aspiring Author


The Eye Society Gloria liked gossiping with the girls – that was why her visits always took so long. Even though she wasn’t sure that the love story between Michael and Diana was true, she joined that conversation as if it was the only thing she cared about. Gloria, clearly, suspected it was all a … Continue reading Gloria


The Eye Society Reading Ali’s name on the accident report had brought so many memories back to him. Ali Dawn, it could have been a namesake, but Brian somehow knew it wasn’t. That was why he decided to walk the airdriver to the aircar. Of course, One would have been fitter for the purpose, any … Continue reading Brian


The Eye Society Ali had been doing this job for more than twenty-five years. It still impressed him when he thought about it, but he had been part of the first airdrivers’ crew in history; when they launched the air-cab service he was there, along with the other nine colleagues who passed the selection. No … Continue reading Ali