The Eye Society


Aria (3)

It is early June. Only twelve days of spring remain before summer will start. Aria loves to watch the change of season. It’s one of her favourite e-experiences. Her heart races each time she watches the leaves fall in autumn, or the sun rise in an early summer morning, not to mention the colourful blossoms in spring. The only season Aria isn’t fan of is winter, even if, she must admit, she quite likes the snow. In January that year Joshua took her to e-ski to celebrate six months of being together. He also booked an e-room with a mountain view. That was the first time Aria stayed on Deep all night. If Grandma was still alive, she would worry about her granddaughter. To her, that feature of Eye Society was evil. ‘The more time you spend on that thing, the more addicted you get,’ she would say, as if Aria couldn’t see the effects that Deep had on her parents.

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©Brooxy Moon

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