The Eye Society


Aria (1)

Aria’s parents are standing by the door, waiting for her daughter to disappear into the tunnel, while silent tears cross their cheeks. It’s rare to see them awake, reacting to real feelings, instead of being lost in that virtual world they love so much. That image breaks Aria’s heart. She loves her parents. And her parents love her, Aria knows, even if she can count the times they have shown her that love. Aria has always had the impression that Eye Society is more important to them than herself. When Aria was little, she used to go to e-locations and e-venues with her mum and dad. Participating to her parents’ virtual life was the only way to spend time with them. Honestly, though, she never really liked it. Aria always found more interesting spending her time next door, in her grandparents’ house, listening to her grandparents’ stories of real life.

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©Brooxy Moon

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