The Light At The End Of The Tunnel

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We are all waiting for Boris’s speech today.

We have been in lockdown since before Christmas, but it seems like the nightmare is about to end.

It’s going to happen slowly, one step at the time, which means there’s still a long way before we’ll be able to resume our lives, yet the simple fact that plans are in place for it to happen is such a great news. We can start seeing the light at the end of the tunnel.

I heard on Virgin Radio this morning that schools might be reopening on March the 8th and that, from the same day, we might be able to grab a takeaway coffee with a friend and drink it at the park. I also read on The Guardian that two households will be allowed to meet outdoors from Easter. These may seem just little things but, given that we have been stuck in our homes for so long, I consider them massive improvements.

Obviously, these changes will have to be done carefully, and hopefully people will remember that. It’s extremely important that we’ll respect the rules we’ll be given to make sure the plans to ease the lockdown will go ahead. It would be terrible if we had another outbreak and we had to close ourselves in our houses again, especially after all the efforts we have made.

I have hope, though, also because the vaccination program is going so well. I heard yesterday that all adults in UK should be able to get the first jab by the end of July. How great is that? If everything goes according to the plans, this might be the last lockdown for us.

Fingers crossed,

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