The Evolution of Humans

Homo Sapiens Natura

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Do you know how important nature is for the existence of the human species?

Of course, you do! We all went to school and learned about photosynthesis. But how often do we think about the fact that without that process, our life on Earth would be impossible?

The nature world exists in a state that allows us to exist. Our breath connects us to nature in a very real way. Plants absorb carbon dioxide, use it to produce elements for their own survival, and in exchange they release oxygen, which is the only element that allow us to live on this planet.

We tend to forget about this amazing mechanism because we have lost connection with nature. We no longer pay attention to the nature world that surrounds us, we don’t even have respect for it, despite its importance for the survival of our own species. We, literally, wouldn’t exist without it. Animal life in general, not only humans, wouldn’t have been able to appear and evolve on this planet if wasn’t for plants.

If we looked at the planet from this perspective, it would make sense to say that we are all part of the same system, perhaps of the same living being. It wouldn’t be so crazy to consider the Earth itself, and everything that lives on it, as a unique living organism.

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During the evolution of our species, we have changed dramatically. Since the first appearance of the Homo Habilis, about 2,8 million years ago, we have expanded our knowledge. We have become so intelligent that we think we don’t have anything to learn from our ancestors. Yet, things like the exponential growth of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere that we have caused and the delay with which we are acting to stop it, seem to suggest that we might have used our intelligence in a wrong way.

The Homo Sapiens Sapiens is, so far, the highest step we have managed to reach with our evolution, but who knows what’s going to happen next? History has taught us that the evolution is a slow but unstoppable process, so there’s more than a chance that in future we’ll become something different from what we are now… If we’ll be clever enough to survive global warming, obviously.

For a long time, we thought that reaching this level of intelligence was our aim. In the process, though, we have forgotten that, despite our brain, we are animals, and just like the other animals, our main goal is the survival of our species. Perhaps the next step of our evolution is using our intelligence for reconnecting to nature and continue our life on Earth.

I like to think that humanity has already started this journey and that we are on our way to leave the status of Homo Sapiens Sapiens behind and become Homo Sapiens Natura.

Homo Sapiens Natura, that’s how I imagine our successors to be called. Men and women that, for the sake of their own existence, use their intelligence to build a new society that cooperates with nature, instead of relying on the hypothetical miracles of a future technology. We already have all the instruments to make this happen, we just need to remember how to use them.

It’s time we reconsider our priorities, time we behave accordingly to the rules of nature, for our life is inextricably connected to it. We should start being grateful for the perfection of the environment that surrounds us and stop trying to destroy it. Don’t forget that since everything is connected, if we mistreat the Earth, we are mistreating ourselves.

© Brooxy Moon


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