Silent London

London is silent.

You must have heard of the new strain of coronavirus. It seems like the situation is out of control here, in the South-East of England. That’s why new restrictions are in place and we won’t be able to celebrate Christmas with family and friends.

Maybe these restrictions over the holidays will make us think. Maybe we’ll understand how vital it is that we all respect the rules, otherwise this pandemic will never end. I might be wrong, but it seems to me that the less we do what we’ve been asked to, the more we limit our freedom. I think we people haven’t understood how much our actions count. We think it’s the governments’ responsibility to take us out of this crisis, and this is certainly true. But it is also true that we need to do our bit.

I know this year has been a struggle. Isolation hasn’t been easy for me either, and that’s exactly why I stress the importance of avoiding any unnecessary social activity, wearing a mask and respecting social distancing. This would enable us to do the things we can’t live without, like spending time with our favourite people. I think what we are going to miss the most this Christmas is precisely that type of company. Personally, I don’t care much about Christmas parties, Christmas shopping and so on. What I wanted to do was a lunch with few friends (given that my family lives in another country) and I reckon that many others feel the same way.  

That’s why we need to cooperate with each other by adhering to the governments’ guidelines. And who knows? Perhaps we would learn that cooperation works, and that we can start applying this attitude to any other situation. If only we started acting as if we were one, we would discover how strong we are. Humanity could overcome anything, if only we had respect for each other and started seeing others as allies rather than enemies. Why not give it a try?

© Brooxy Moon


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