I fall into deep dark

I gasp for freedom


Far looks the light

But I climb

Walls made of slippery charcoal


My muscles hurt

I feel the pain in my hands

And yet I climb

Walls made of slippery charcoal


Closer is now the light

Heavy is though my head

I may fall into deep dark again


Then I breath

How fresh tastes the air

I take another breath


Darkness no,

You won’t have me back.

© Brooxy Moon


Behind The Verses

Few weeks ago, I ran my first race – the VItaliity London 10K. Maybe because it was virtual and I ran by myself, I didn’t feel like I really did it. The other day, though, I received the finisher medal and the whole thing started taking shape.

I remembered that the motto this year was ‘Run for your head and your heart’ and that the main reason behind my decision to run that precise race was exactly that motto. Then these few verses crossed my mind and I wrote them down before they got lost.


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