The Eye Society

Aria and Joshua had known each other for a year now. They had met at the E-footballers Award the year before. Aria was there with her family, because of her father: Adam Adams, one of the best amateur e-footballers of all times. Adams had never missed an E-F Award, and neither had his wife. How could she miss it? all the e-footballers of the top category were there; it was the perfect luxury e-event to review for her followers. Their daughter, though, had never attended the ceremony before, at least not since Joshua had started being invited.

Aria’s avatar was wearing a long red dress that night. Stunning, Joshua had thought, noticing how the outfit underlined her curves. Since Adams had retired, he had commentated on several matches Joshua had been involved in, but they had never talked. This time, though, Joshua wasn’t going to miss the chance.

‘Nice comment, last week.’ Joshua had said, approaching Adams. By the smile he had on his face when he turned around, Joshua knew he had him. Talking to Adams wasn’t Joshua’s aim, obviously, but it helped.

There were handshakes, three precisely: with Adams, his wife and finally his daughter.

‘Aria. Nice to meet you,’ she said, and five minutes after that, they were talking by the e-bar.

She was different from the girls he had e-met before; her attitude so peculiar that it didn’t take long for him to fall in love.

© Brooxy Moon


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